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Save Money On Credit Cards

... temptations abound. Don't bite more than you can chew As the saying "don't bite more than you can chew" goes, do not spend more than you can afford. True, a beautiful gold bracelet may be enjoyable to wear but its price tag may mean paying a lot for the ... 

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Practicality And Saving Money

... discounts. 3. Use coupons when available. Take the time and have the patience to clip and organize grocery coupons. When added together, savings from using all coupons in one grocery trip can be as much as $20-$30. Purchase dining and shopping coupons ... 

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Save Money While Shopping

... items that are on sale and where prices are low. Although the quality of some items is not the same when you buy in malls and shopping galleries but the merchandises are still new and not yet used. These stores can provide you the best prices that can ... 

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Choose The Bank In Saving Money

... time-deposit account or mutual fund. An increased account obviously translates to bigger interest gains. Talk to your local bank about their savings schemes. They offer various mechanisms to encourage us consumers to entrust their money to them. In a bank, ... 

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Frugality And Saving Money

... also program cars like a new car warranty. Maybe this is not just the best time to replace your car with a new one. 5. Shopping for Groceries - As much as possible do not go with items that are branded. Choose non-brands and try looking for items on the ... 

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